Visit to Rareloom Farm and Garden

Rareloom Farm Visit

Tumalo, Oregon

The other day we had the pleasure of visiting Rareloom Farm. Rareloom is a small family run farm that specializes in unique heirloom produce as well as unique life stock. This little farm down a small winding road in Tumalo is nothing short of magical. Chickens and pigs run at your feet while peppers and tomatoes you’ve never heard of grow in bushels 5 feet tall. In between the winding rows of hand laid stone planter beds sits a table for farm to table events. The tall planters are overflowing with produce ready to be picked, ready to be photographed, ready to be shared.  The canal runs through the property like a personal river with ducks floating by enjoying the view. Over a little bridge there’s pumpkin fields and a small petting zoo of animals, from a friendly llama to a small zebu cow named Lefty.

While I chatted with the owners about their love of heirloom produce and growing this small farm into a local treasure, the kids held chickens, picked tomatoes off of the vine and marveled at the busy bees that made honey.

Rareloom Farm is a hidden gem in Tumalo, just a few miles north of Bend on the Old Bend Redmond Highway. It would be a magical place for a small wedding, business event, or farm to table event. They love having kids come feed the animals and encourage the community to come get involved and visit the farm. They are open to groups and events of all kinds. You can also come out to wander through the gardens and pick from the vegetable beds. Now is definitely the time to visit as their produce is overflowing and the sunsets from the deck are golden.

It was so fun discovering a hidden gem in our busy community. I can’t recommend enough heading out to the farm and soaking in some local farm life and produce with your kids.