Best Sun Shirts for The Whole Family

Best Sun Shirts and Sun Protection for the Whole Family

FreeFly Sunshirt

Summer is upon us and thank heavens that sun is out! We are a family that is outside from now till snow fall (and then outside in much warmer clothes). I’ve compiled our list of the best UPF shirts that we use for our kids and ourselves. My littlest guy has a sun sensitivity. He breaks out in hives if he has too much sun, so I can say with my mom assurance that these products worked for our family.

So here are our favorites. PS. I am not affiliated with any of these brands and all opinions are my own and unbiased, there are a few affiliate links to sunscreen at the bottom. I’m just a mom with 4 littles who go through a lot of clothing!

So why sun shirts you ask? Because I read somewhere (don’t quote me on this number) that must cotton t-shirts have the UPF rating under 10. They are lite weight and easy to wear but for long days in the sun or on the water they put your kid’s sensitive skin at risk of over exposure.

We are absolutely obsessed with the company Primary. They have great clothes for all sorts of things and my kids who love super bright clothes just love the variety. They also carry UPF shirts!

These shirts are extremely soft, true to size and a fantastic price! We own them in both short sleeve and long sleeve. They are quick dry, great for water sports and much better material then the thick swim shirt material for the days where you are mostly dry with the occasional water-gun-battle.

We also buy swim shirts from Primary as we do a lot of water days as well. These are great for lake/pool specific days where the kids will mostly be in the water. I always give my kids 2 options, sunscreen head to toe or a swim shirt, they 100% chose swim shirts. These come in long and short sleeve. Little guy gets the long sleeve and the olders like the short sleeve.

Another great company who designs UPF clothing is Shedo Lane. Shedo Lane wins the cake for best everyday wear and softest. Their shirts are made out of bamboo, and are the softest things I’ve ever purchased for my kids. It comes at a little higher price tag but I really love the quality and material. They come in baby, toddler and kid sizes. My only complaint is that they run big. If you’re like me and always order up for your kids, don’t with these, go true to age/size. But honestly they are incredibly soft and breathable.

 The Shedo Lane shirts inspired my husband and I to find some bamboo shirts for ourselves. They carry adult sizes I just wanted a different look for myself. We often forget about our own skin health when we are busy taking care of the kids. This company, Free Fly Apparel, was inspired by fishing in the South and worked really hard to create a perfect bamboo shirt that has a UPF 50 rating, is breathable, and quick dry. I wear mine everywhere! It is so soft! Great for paddle boarding, hiking, park days, you name it. The sleeves are long enough for everyone and the quality of material is luxurious. We own them in long sleeves, hoodies and short sleeves. They wash well and are easy to pack.

 Kid sunhats. So the best sunhats are the ones your kids will wear! My older kids want nothing to do with a bucket hat, but they love a good tourist hat from our vacations. We always let them buy a cheap baseball hat when we road trip. It keeps sun off their face and they enjoy wearing them and showing off where they travel. Win win.

When they were little we put them in these iPlay hats. They are outstanding for little ones. But even the toddler wants a baseball hat these days. Luckily he thinks its cool and will take it on and off himself. We are definitely a hat family.

Sunscreen. I buy sunscreen like its going out of style. Even with sun shirts I am constantly covering a kids legs and face in sunscreen. We use ALBA natural sunscreens. They are great for every day use. Not greasy at all, easy to apply, tons of options for scents or no scents. You can order online or buy at any of our local stores, we tend to get ours at Market of Choice.  For a Zinc sunscreen we use tinted Badger sunscreen. The amazing thing about this is they have put a slight tint in it and it really does blend into your skin nicely, no white sheen! Its great, and even my sun sensitive little guy can wear it on his face. If you’re doing water sports I recommend the ALBA over the Zinc, as the Zinc sits on top of your skin and acts as a barrier and does wash off a little easier. We tend to use that for face on water days and ALBA for kid bodies.

And my last and favorite product is our pop up shade. This thing is absolutely outstanding for lake days, kids sports, backyard afternoons in the hot sun. Its easy to store, easy to use and fantastic to keep sun off the baby. We have this one by ONIVA.

Stay sunsafe out there! Our Central Oregon Sun is hot and easy to bur