Growing Ponderosa Pine Trees from Seeds

Growing Ponderosa Pine Trees from Seeds

This is a great kid friendly Central Oregon activity for Spring.

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In our house we have a blended family so generally we celebrate holidays in a universal way. For example Easter for us is a celebration of Spring, new beginnings, growth, forgiveness and of course family togetherness. Every Easter we spend in our garden growing things. I love that this year Easter and Earth Day are so close together! We always plant some flowers and start our vegetable garden and usually plant a tree or two. We have a big yard and it’s a great family way to keep adding new growth to our property. This year we did these super cute tree kits. Realistically it will take decades to get these little seeds to grow into giant shady trees but the experience is great for the kids and I love that they are trees indigenous to our Central Oregon Area that in the will be sustainable to our region. This company makes tons of types of seed kits as well as saplings you can get that are indigenous to your area.

 I got these little tree kits from Amazon for only $9 each. Such a steal for an Easter basket stuffer that isn’t candy or toys!

 The instructions are simple, kid friendly and can be done anywhere. They grow within a mini greenhouse for a long time before needing to be moved to a larger pot then later moved to the outdoors. If you don’t have a yard you could definitely plant these inside and replant them out in the forest as a great learning experience.  


You add the dirt, water, then the seeds then some topper pebbles, then you close it up and stick it in the fridge for 20 days. My kids didn’t love the idea of 20 days but I think it will be like a fresh experience when the 20 days are up and they get to pull them out and put them in the sunshine.


Things we talked about while planting these…

  •  What plants need to survive.

  • Where does water come from.

  • Looking at different trees in our yard finding that some have leaves and some have pine needles and talking about the difference.

  • How does planting trees help our Earth.

    We do a lot of gardening in our house and check back for vegetables that grow well in Central Oregon and the Western States that are great and easy for kids to participate in!