Who Runs this Show?

Written By: Jenni Whelan  Photos: Yvette Sielle Photogrpahy

Written By: Jenni Whelan

Photos: Yvette Sielle Photogrpahy


The EPITOME of a Central Oregon Family

I’m Jenni, this is my husband, Ryan.

We are your typical busy Central Oregon Family.

I am a Central Oregon native, Ryan is a California/Washington transplant.

We have a blended family of four kids, I came with one, he came with two and we had one together, just call us the Brady Bunch.

We have homeschool kids and public school kids.

Ryan works remotely, used to be a local mountain guide, and I am a local photographer.

We own a 1972 vintage travel trailer named Roscoe.

We have a Fox and a Hound and some backyard chickens.

I’m a spring summer, Ryan is a summer fall.

From climbing ropes, to garden shears, to paddle boards to cowboy boots, we love collecting Central Oregon gear.

My two boys are fourth generation Oregonians and my step kids are Washington transplants.

I am a crazy plant lady and Ryan can build anything.

We hike and climb and ski and camp and yoga and definitely beer.

We are busy and active, and homebodies that stick together.

We travel often and always return home, so grateful we live here.

Our dream is to stay here forever, own some cool property and maybe run a little B&B so we can play tour guide forever… a girl can dream right?

Owning Central Oregon Kids is a chance for us to share our deep love of this area and help other families love it too!